Use of Hand Sanitizer

Use of Face Mask

Off-site Estimates

6-feet apart

Maple brothers Painting and Renovation, the health and safety of our
customers and employees is our highest priority. In response to the public
health situation related to the coronavirus COVID-19, we are diligently monitoring
updates from our BC health officials and medical professional to ensure we are
taking the necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of both our
clients and staff.Here are some things that we are doing:+ COVID-19 Pre-
Screening of all our employees and clients regularly+ Practicing Social Distancing
of at least 6 feet away from each other and you at all times, whenever it is not
possible we will be wearing the proper PPE equipment such as N95 face masks –
NEVER sharing PPE equipment & Washing our hands frequently, Use of hand
sanitizer regularly, regularly disinfecting of all frequently
touched surfaces, Disinfecting of tools (when having to share tools because must be
disinfected before sharing), Remote Estimates when possible, whenever that is not
possible we wilt be wearing proper PPE equipment before entering your home.
Before entering a customers home or property, we will let you know that we are
healthy. Staying home when feeling sick, NO exceptions+ Greeting you with a
smile, not a handshake Things you can do to help:+ Whenever possible the areas
the work will be completed in, if the clients could please keep out of those areas
from at least 48 hours prior to us starting the work for the full duration of the job
until we have finished the job completely. As we understand that is not
always possible when working in your homes, we then ask you to please practice
social distancing of at least 6 feet away from us at all times, practice proper
hygiene with washing your hands frequently, regularly cleaning of commonly used
surfaces, and if you really need to get within 6 feet of us to please wear a mask
when doing so.

NOTE: Before we enter your home, please tell us if you are not feeling well.